Business Accounting and Taxation Course
11 July 2023

Business Accounting and Taxation, or BAT, is a postgraduate course that teaches aspiring business owners the most current methods and abilities in sales, taxation, payroll, and all aspects of economics. This education is necessary to stay current in this industry, as the standard old-school undergraduate and postgraduate programs do not give modern-day accounting skills. Taking this course will help you stay competitive and land a job swiftly.  

What Comes Under the BAT Course?

If you are an accounting student, this course will help you become an accounting professional. Financial accounting, business finance, and taxation, including direct and indirect taxes, audits, and management accounting, are concepts covered in the BAT course. After completing this course, you can get a job as a tax manager, accounting assistant, senior accountant, accounting manager, or supervisor. Specialists and experts in business and finance accounting formulate the modules in this course. 

Aspects of the BAT Course

Business Accounting

Also known as Management Accounting, it majorly focuses on the needs of the business than traditional accounting standards. It assists a business's decision-making process. It monitors the advancement of business development over time. 

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Taxes are a vital component of any business, and they are also necessary for the government to function efficiently. Consequently, aspiring accountants and business owners should understand this concept.  Because of this, the BAT course includes an extensive overview of taxation. Income tax, property tax, company tax, precondition tax, and other direct taxes are among those that are covered. Sales tax, service tax, and customs duty are all included in the indirect tax module. 


The BAT course covers all aspects of accounting and taxation. While developing your business, you should possess a good command over these basic concepts that will aid you in surviving the competitive world. SixsenseEdu offers the best accounting courses in Ahmedabad. If you are willing to join a course, then you can contact them at