Advanced MS Excel

MS Excel is the most widely used data analysis tool used across length and breadth of the industry. It is absolutely imperative that people across different verticals and management levels are equipped with adequate computational/analytical excel skills to create, analyse and interpret data better. 

Eligibility: Any interested candidate aspiring excellence in excel!! 

Certificate: Provided By Six Sense Skill Development 

Inquiry & Admission Assistance: +91 76239 21001, 

Course Highlights:

  • Allow participants to dedicate undivided learning effort and seek correction
  • Supplement theoretical instructions with application sessions through exercises
  • Administer tests with real case studies to check to learn
  • A capable training team of industry professionals
  • Innovative, Industry like training methods 

Ms-Excel Course Curriculum : 

Excel as a publishing tool – Formatting & Introduction to Basics of Excel

  • Sheet: row and column, row height, column width, cell & cell address, cell size, selection, , rename, add-delete,
  • Home Tab: Cut, copy, Paste, Paste special, Format Painter, Wrap text, merge, split. Pre-defined entries (%, Rs., $ etc.)
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Advanced Page Setup & Layout
  • Print Area setting
  • Freeze Panes & Print Titles Setup
  • Text to Column creation 

Formula session- Advanced Calculations

  • Sum, difference, product, quotient, max, min, count, count, countblank, average, Sumif, countif
  • Insert functions
  • Conditionality (If formulas), Nested Ifs, Sumif, Countif, If Error
  • Combination of formulas 

Sort and Filter- Data Analysis

  • Essential Data Analysis using Advanced Filters
  • Computations using sort filter 

Pivot Tables, Excel Graphs, and Pivot Charts

  • Advanced Data consolidation and analysis using Pivot table
  • Using excel for interpreting and presenting data better
  • Excel Graphs and Pivot Charts 

Lookup function

  • Advanced analysis tools: H Lookup & V Lookup 

Data Protection

  • Protection of Cells, sheets & workbooks with passwords
  • Authorizing access rights 

Inter linking of database

  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Linking multiple excel files
  •  Auto-updation of database across different file formats

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