Learn How to Export-Import

In order   to upgrade   the knowledge   of working executives of export enterprises, service agencies and institutions like banks, insurance, chambers of commerce and enhance their operational competence, a thorough knowledge of the various facets of international business is important in the present global economic and trading environment. Intense competition in world markets, in particular, poses a challenge to executives engaged in export marketing pursuits.  Unless they  keep themselves  abreast  with the  new  developments, rapid  changes  in international  business practices  and  innovative   marketing strategies pursued   by  the competitors,  export executives  cannot  effectively   capitalize  on the available or emerging market opportunities. 

Details of Import Export course:

Eligibility: Any interested candidate aspiring to excellence in International Trade (Export-Import) 

Certificate: Provided By Six Sense Skill Development 

Inquiry & Admission Assistance: +91 76239 21001, enquiry@sixsenseedu.com 

The layout of the Curriculum

Just like our name, we have laid out our curriculum into six parts, or rather Six Senses, and each sense teaches you something new. 

1. Basic of International trade

  • How to start? (Setup export unit / require registrations & licenses)
  • Understanding of overall Export/ Import Business
  • Types of export
  • Government agencies involve in export & their roles
  • Export procedure cycle 

2. International Marketing & Strategy

  • Prepare your export marketing strategy
  • Search import countries & importers through internet
  • Product X Country matrix to identify potential
  • Develop your export plan & market entry
  • Online export marketing & promotion
  • Smart search techniques on Internet (Find Importers & Market research)
  • Samples techniques for export marketing

3. Export /Import Documentation & Procedure

  • Pre &post shipment export Documentation
  • Custom procedure and management
  • Export incentives & Schemes
  • International commercial terms (lncoterms)
  • How to calculate export pricing? 

4. Export Banking &Finance

  • Payment Terms (Letter of Credit)
  • Ways to get export finance
  • Foreign banking &procedure 

5. Export /Import Shipping & logistics

  • How to manage your shipping & logistics
  • Role of Custom house agent (CHA)
  • Export Marine Insurance
  • Art of overseas business traveling
  • Tips to participate in the International exhibition 

6. Export Risk Management

  • Marine Insurance
  • Credit risk management through ECGC I D&B
  • International agreements & contracts
  • Manage your FOREX

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